Marketing & Commercial Development

At Revolution9, we pride ourselves on helping you to create strategies and marketing activity which will communicate what makes you specials and the benefits of your service. Key services include:

  1. Marketing audits and planning
  2. Content creation, SEO and messaging
  3. Commercial development strategies and bid writing

Marketing Audit and Plans

We will undertake a comprehensive review of the marketing collateral and plans you already have in place and determine how to make improvements. We can work with existing clients and our industry experts to benchmark against best practice and develop new strategies for success.

Measurement of the results will be central to the approach. We will create clear plans with specific targets for what we want to achieve, reasons for undertaking any activity and an assessment of the success of the scheme to enable continuous learning and improvement.

Content creation and messaging

Our highly skilled team will create the content required for successful campaigns. We have an excellent portfolio of skilled copywriters and SEO specialists to ensure your writing is professional, in the right tone and ranks highly in the key search engines.

Commercial Development

Generating leads and sales is vital to any business. We can help you create the commercial strategies and value propositions which will continue to bring a pipeline of clients to your door. We also deliver commercial bid writing services. If your business development teams need support to respond to tenders and request for proposals, we can help you to shape compliant bids which highlight your unique selling points.