Welcome to Revolution9

Revolution9 has been created with the mission to help businesses maximise their potential by helping them to:

  1. Win grant funding to finance new products and services
  2. Deliver successful projects to implement the product development
  3. Create and implement marketing strategies to grow their business

We support them to identify areas of innovation and grant funding opportunities to help them deliver their plans in the most cost-effective way. Our professional, friendly and passionate team build lasting relationships with our clients to enable sustainable growth together.

How we can help…

Grant funding and Innovation | Revolution9 Consulting

Grant funding and Innovation

Billions of pounds of grant funding has been given out to businesses to support their growth from InnovateUK, EU and other funding sources. Has your businesses taken advantage of the opportunity to support your growth? Learn more >>

Project Managemnt | Revolution9 Consulting

Project Management

The growth of your company relies on delivering successful projects every time. Our team of experienced project managers help you to ensure your projects run on time, on budget and deliver exceptional results. Learn more >>

Marketing & Commercial Development | Revolution9 Consulting

Marketing and Commercial Development

At Revolution9, we pride ourselves on helping you to create strategies and marketing activity which will communicate what makes you special and the benefits of your service. Learn more >>

Electric vehicles & car club strategies | Revolution9 Consulting

Electric vehicles & car club strategies

Many of the Revolution9 team have worked in the electric vehicle (EV) industry for over ten years. This included work setting up the first charging network in the East of England through the Plugged-in Places scheme and developing an innovation network around the new market. Learn more >>

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