Electric Vehicles & Car Club Strategies

Many of the Revolution9 team have worked in the electric vehicle (EV) industry for over ten years. This included work setting up the first charging network in the East of England through the Plugged-in Places scheme and developing an innovation network around the new market. From those early seeds, the industry has grown and blossomed, with government policy now in place to electrify all new vehicles sold from 2040 in the UK (and earlier in Scotland).

We have extensive experience in the car sharing market, stimulating the growth of electric car clubs in a number of local authorities through different roles and projects.

Revolution9 is passionate about helping the market continue to grow and enabling new organisations to enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles. We offer the following services:

  1. Electric vehicle fleet viability analysis
  2. Car club deployment strategies for regions and businesses

Electric vehicle fleet viability analysis

We understand that as a new technology, some people will be unfamiliar with electric vehicles. We find many people have misconceptions which prevent them from seriously considering EVs when in many cases, they will provide the ideal solution for their fleet. We work with you to understand your driving needs and patterns to identify areas where electric vehicles will fit.

Charging infrastructure, range anxiety and the practicalities of operating the vehicles will all be covered within the report and we will ensure all your questions are answered. This will allow more companies to take the next step and introduce EVs into their organisation.

Car club strategies

Car clubs are growing rapidly across Europe. More younger people in cities are now expecting to take advantage of shared mobility solutions rather than owning vehicles themselves. There are differences across the UK in the services which are available and the way in which they operate.

We can work with local authorities, universities and organisations to create strategies to help them to understand how they can attract car clubs to the area and create a new transport resource for their local population. This will also help to save them money by avoiding investing in schemes which are unlikely to succeed. We can also create strategies which will help to generate greater uptake of vehicles in a local area to ensure the long-term viability of schemes across a region.